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i was on twitter for a while. then i got sick of it. it's an echo chamber of its own, inflammatory insanity, and serves me no practical purpose. here are all of the tweets i made. get out your rss feed reader & follow the universe!

oops, i mean four tracks; forgot about a short lil klezmer instrumental that i'll prolly place about halfway through the final tracklist
as of today, three songs (of my self-imposed minimum of twelve) for cyclist's guide have been completed, which has been helpful in fleshing out the overarching concept of the album (yes bogguhers, this is a concept album!).
woody goss is trending @vulfpeck
"A Cyclist's Guide To North America" --- new album coming out this december!
@All_Over_RS haha i know 😂😋
@All_Over_RS 🤔
RT @DrChris_PhD: @git_funky Mark Silver seems like the kind of guy who could run a giant robot. He's got the right instincts, he's an incre…
@100megayoshi imma fuckin play as the mario cereal box, DONT JUDGE ME
gonna keep this account up, but will b moving my text-based short-form eccentricity to a different medium. sorry to disappoint, but i might make the new thing rss-enabled 😃
dude bro can U tell ME the wifi passord plz
i bet count basie could make some sick backing tracks for hip hop artists if he put his mind to it and also was still alive
new single //
name a coffee shop after your own aesthetic
the world is like a modular synth... but are you ready to be a producer?
500 tweets later and you can insert your own vibrato
if you got the message, then go make a collage
RT @BobRossOfficial: ☁️#bobross #quote
working on a 2-part retrospective on @TheShins for my next videos, so stay tuned...
i must say tho i can appreciate how neotheater departs from the sonic direction of the click in its latter half, & also how this album seems to be meant to listened to start-to-finish as opposed to being put in playlists.
ngl i was very underwhelmed by the singles for @AJRBrothers' Neotheater, and having listened to the album now i dont think they should've released singles for it. there seems to be a narrative driving the album, & treating it like there are pop-anthems on it is misleading lol.
we git experimental when our twitters put their heads together
like, if y'all had released shit on 4/20 everyone wouldve been high for your release & enjoyed it even more
realizing that a lot of these ppl releasing albums on the 26th are gonna be majorly overshadowed by this whole avengers endgame craze lol
i got bored & made a video about mario kart 8's music & its connection to japanese jazz fusion bands
i hope (to a fault) that the discussion about presidential impeachment turns into a respectful dialogue about impeaching all corrupt politicians, but i fear (and expect) that will be co-opted by a new wave of corrupt politicians with even more power to fuck over the masses
damn, just started watching that video & he makes that joke w/in the first 30 seconds lol
with your ears, anthony.
RT @vulfpeck: real musicians will retweet
me in middleschool: #Happy420 #420blazeit #420day
Lake Meditations is also on Spotify now
Lake Meditations is now available on Bandcamp:
lake meditations & BMRT use two different philosophies w/ regards to vox production, so i'd b curious to see what ppl think about how they compare; imo they're both stellar records, but that's my ego talking here
RT @HipFireWyatt: Abraham Linksys #WifiWittyNames
one of my friends & i were talking about needing a haircut, & made a pledge to not get one until 2020. idk tho, i prefer mine shorter lol
Pre-save my upcoming album "Lake Meditations" on Spotify: (proudly powered by @distrokid)
for those uninitiated, "BMRT" is shorthand for "Beatmaker, Risktaker" + the catalog# prefix for my defacto-label that isnt actually a label (tho it can b if you pay me to manage you)
the next album

- uses similar tech to BMRT but with better lo-fi mixing
- is a bit inspired by mac demarco & tame impala, but there are hints of other influences too, myself included
- is probably coming out friday
jesus christ why is everyone releasing an album on the 26th
RT @giveitupfor15: GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 15
UPDATE: i have an album-worth of song ideas, but i think im going conceptual with this album, so i've narrowed that selection down to six & finished the instrumentals on those; gonna record vox for these 2morrow + hopefully start coming up with 4 more tunes to add to the list.
this weekend i started like 6 new songs, & i bet i can make it into an album by this time next week, but we'll see...
RT @custardloaf: 😡😡🤬😡😡
RT @llegrarosenberg: this tweet brought to you by star wars!!!!!
decided to actually put this on soundcloud bcoz of how well it turned out
erratic aesthetic
sometimes, music is the only thing that makes sense
#IfIRuledTwitter i'd sell it to the highest bidder & retire to the mountains of pennsylvania.
i was successfully able to detect that my album hit Spotify before @DistroKid sent me their email about it and i feel very proud of myself. 😉
i go to the bathroom for 3 minutes and there's fucking ducks to the tune of classical music again
still getting used to the fact that i can relax now bcoz the album's out lmao
@TheAskBox @llegrarosenberg @silkspectres @meetyourmouth @adultmomband disappointed that 4/13 isnt homestuck lol
whatup, i gots an insta now
i would like to personally thank @elonmusk for funding this expedition. no cassette tapes were maimed in the process of crafting the absurdist narrative to follow.
sunday evening... new album... lo-fi disco... git HYPED
RT @sportsandbutter: sorry but I'm never going to stop being cool on the internet
markcore - the funkiest genre since funky sliced bread
you're more of a live band than a studio band
bitch, imma ride my bike #NationalWalkingDay
RT @toddotto: #MakeVideoGamesHistorical
Jesus rode in on a Donkey Kong
RT @RiversCuomo: my mom just told me she thought "yeah im livin in LA" was "yeah im livin in an Egg"
misread the top article from the "Tucker Carlson" trending page as
every time i step into the studio* i have a way of surprising myself

*studio = anywhere i can set up my laptop + interface to record comfortably
its snowing in april for the second year in a row
eat with a fork probably
like i'd be so down for a weezer barbershop album @RiversCuomo
u good bro? @DrChris_PhD
twitter is an attempt to co-opt your language and i dont like it
RT @lukeslomboy: sorry. culture is cancelled
RT @llegrarosenberg: the billie album is so good.................
RT @DrChris_PhD: 14. wolf circus - handle the jets (2019) - 8/10

my friend @doyoulikewormz put out an album today and it's great! full of…
if @stevewoz and @DaveKozMusic had a child he would b known as
can confirm the payout stats in this vid are legit & coming to the conclusion that you should start listening to my music on repeat whilst sleeping as well. @vulfpeck
read that the apple credit card is associated w/ goldman sachs & legit thought i was reading an article on the onion
RT @sportsandbutter: people always make me feel like such a snob for the fact that production can ruin an album for me but like... it's jus…
excellent collage
allegra w/ no context
RT @sportsandbutter: guess who's now on sprink breag
lit fam
RT @sportsandbutter: now accepting pre-orders
"do do do do do do do" -weezer, piece of cake
on the #firstdayofspring time, the weather gave to me
another warm-enough bike day for me

tfw you rhyme me w/ me lmao
stevie wonder's "i just called to say i love you" but the chorus keeps modulating up a semitone indefinitely
keep it minty fresh, bogguher #InternationalDayOfHappiness
tweet number 420 BLAZE IT 🌿🚬
out of context from the vulfpeck discord: can we talk about how al gore has literally been playing minecraft for almost a month now
i'll buy shopko for like two dollars, you cant say they didnt get an offer
@RiversCuomo blast off
reminder that nobody actually uses myspace anyways
This deadly t-shirt was made in #TeeKO. Get it for your torso:
This deadly t-shirt was made in #TeeKO. Get it for your torso:
RT @ClickHole: The Saga Continues: J.K. Rowling Has Revealed That Harry Potter Currently Suffers From Erectile Dysfunction Which He Treats…
also, it's shaping up to be that my magnum opus funk record is gonna be comprised of entirely new material which i've begun & will continue releasing as individual tracks on soundcloud as i finish them bfore i compile 'em for the eventual bandcamp/spotify release.
so i've had this intrinsic quality control rule w/ my 2019 stuff to not finish any song that i don't think i'll be satisfied with. it makes the writing/recording processes much more fun bcoz im not trying to squeeze dead-ends for all they've got.
why do i always get the spicy cheetos, i always end up regretting it
good morning
can the weather b warm & the roads decent enough for me to bike up to mcdonalds & get a fucking shamrock shake already?
write from the heart, tell a story, be creative with the chord progression, & have fun recording it
im so hyped for guardians 3 that i forgot i still need to see guardians 2
jesus christ, who gave cnn a snap story lmao
im the king of hawaiian shirts; lemme show the works of the summer laidback t-shirt
ya like folk music? of course you do! ya wanna hear some folk music? tune into 90.3 @WRSTfm Oshkosh or from 5-7PM on Saturday!
it was damn near good-mood weather & then wisco had to rain why lmao
RT @chrismelberger: [me on ellen]

ellen: get off of me

me: sorry
took a whole month exactly to git up to 400, but im snazzying right along
also, here's your friendly reminder that songs in the key of life by @StevieWonder may be the best record
facebook and instagram are down? i didnt even notice!
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Judge: How do you wish to plea?

Aunt Becky: Have mercy!

Judge: (bangs gavel) Order in the court!

Aunt Becky: How rud…
in other news, mitt romney blows out candles and trends on twitter for doing so
furthermore, could we get atleast one candidate from either side that isn't overtly inflammatory? i would appreciate it if we stopped using skirmishes in place of policy lol
frankly i think it's fitting and a bit sad that the dnc is settling in milwaukee for 2020, but what do i know im just a musician
honestly i dont even know why i have a personal google account; i literally have no use for one
big mood #NationalNappingDay
shoutout to @JamiroquaiHQ for being groovy af
RT @ClickHole: It's time to rethink our shopping carts.
yassss dood
if i ever get famous i want fans to make bootleg merch about me lol
redid my website for the fifteen-millionth time this decade
RT @ClickHole: Absolutely Amazing: Biblical Scholars Have Discovered That Christ’s Eyes Were Much Lower Down On His Face Than Previously Be…
RT @sportsandbutter: I am deeply sorry if this is culturally insensitive but I barely know what "Fortnite" is, let alone the traditional da…
also pissed bcoz i wanted to do laundry earlier but time decided to eat an hour.
didn't even know that #DaylightSavingsTime was happening until i checked discord this morning
i mean i would probably poke them with a broom to try and get them to stop, but weezer good band
the problem w/ deluxe editions is that you have to reopen after the closer and close again after a few more tracks. tho i suppose that could b read as a sort of epilogue, which i basically do already w/ my tracklists anyways
btw was gonna throw a klezmer song into the mix for tomorrow's rotation, but idk if what they were saying in whatever language it was is fcc-clean
Wanna hear some good folk music? Tune into @WRSTfm Oshkosh on Saturday from 5-7PM CST at 90.3 FM or!
say what you will about the president but this is too good & i will now be referring to tim cook as tim apple in future non-correspondence
RT @dopebadman: The first 2 are legal. They've killed millions.
The last one is illegal. Killed no one so far.

Choose wisely. #WednesdayW…
eat nachos w/ a classy demeanour #SignsYouAreAGoodPerson
@sportsandbutter you may be happy to hear im listening to cherry peel in its entirety rn & im wondering why i didnt jump on the of montreal bandwagon sooner lol
hi there. give this a listen.
@DiyathYavin sup
RT @JordanJansen:
RT @TheOnion: Team Of Vatican Geneticists Successfully Clone God
RT @sportsandbutter: UPDATE: the fish has gone to sleep
had my first show on @WRSTfm tonight, & it went well i think. imma be on from 5-7 every saturday this semester playing folk music for y'all if y'wanna tune in. #np
think imma start writing a memoir about my crazy breed of musicianship & all the semantics that go into it
introducing the world's shortest pre-order! participate now if y'want. album comes out some time on monday
this is the next album. preorder coming soon.
like a week or so ago, one of my friends sent a snap of me playing "i want you back" on the piano w/ a gif of a dancing michael jackson, & i genuinely thought up until now "right idea, wrong person" except it was the right fucking person
my mind considers michael jackson from jackson 5 & michael jackson from his solo work as different people entirely. fite me.
@teraflonk weird circles but ok :P
ive just defaulted to assuming that every real headline is also satire
@teraflonk wait does mastodon still exist
all this talk of another summit is a great reminder that seth rogen & james franco should b having this meeting instead of the donald.
whoops; misread "Detective Pikachu" as "Defective Pikachu" lol.

"excuse me oak, my pikachu is fucking broken"
so where do you get jazzed?
RT @notch: (drugs are illegal so we get addicted to propaganda instead)
as of this morning, i have a deeper understanding of what 3d sound is / can be
hot take: "24k magic" is a better record than "off the wall"
RT @adultswim: What is yeet
RT @Nibellion: This is the first photo of Doug Bowser when he joined Nintendo

We never getting a new Mario game ever again…
if you're happy for now, it means a downturn is yet to come. if you're happy for later, you have something to look forward to.
RT @TheOnion: Experts Advise Against Throwing Laptop Across Office Even Though It Will Feel Incredible…
RT @DrChris_PhD: @teraflonk @git_funky Pour North America, as well as
@teraflonk welcome to north america, eh?
thinking of putting out another album sooner than later; this might be on it:
perhaps, another eagle is ok @forestersct
RT @TheOnion: Pope Spends Afternoon Filling In Glory Holes All Over St. Peter’s Basilica
UPDATE: interesting record; the slower songs & the latin-influenced one definitely stood out above the rest imo
samsung's new foldable phone costs nearly $2k. when did flip phones get so damn expensive?
UPDATE: listening to this album rn
raise 762 hands if you want to walk outside in this weather
you can follow me on twitter but i swear to god if you follow me in real life i will not hesitate to send the wolves
retweeting this so i can hold myself accountable to listening to this album
pick your favorite single & listen to the whole album it's from
bernie sanders is running again? isnt he like almost 90 lol
@RiversCuomo right here right now
RT @TheOnion: A Timeline Of Abraham Lincoln’s Life
every monday you go through, the number of mondays you have left to deal with in your lifetime goes down #MondayMotivation
our great state's official food (cheese) goes great with it #NationalDrinkWineDay
RT @lukeslomboy: the ice ice baby / under pressure thing will never compare to that big time rush song that samples song 2
so apparently my fawm album thing has been downloaded 24 times in a little over a day. so either 24 people really liked the album or 1 person was very determined to accumulate near-identical zip archives on their computer
gonna start a washing machine distribution company, who wants to be head of pr?
RT @AJRBrothers: If not now, when?
RT @sportsandbutter: 1. you can dance
2. you can jive
3. having the time of your life
@teraflonk I'm Jack Stratton lol
felt cute, might delete later
i completed #FAWM @FAWM
snapchat friends are like pokemon; i've got a solid collection, but im by no means trying to catch them all
keep the pro-weed people waiting #TrumpsNotesToSelf
@teraflonk i think they sell them in canada
RT @teraflonk: @git_funky the hell is a shamrock shake
shamrock shakes are back too
RT @Kekeflipnote: 🐱
#FAKENationalEmergency implies either a fake emergency or a real emergency in a fake nation
so i dont get why tf someone would use bsd as a desktop computing operating system. it's kinda like linux's disabled cousin
RT @mindykaling: This ages so well 🙄♥️ #ValentinesDay
@teraflonk dude the site will literally not work with my debit card, so not using their website is pretty easy
i dont know or care about the details of the situation, but i bet everyone who was bitter against amazon during any part of this will continue to shop on it tomorrow lol #AmazonHQ2
this just in: amazon boxes use mind control to take over customers in a shocking revolt against their host company #AmazonHQ2
RT @TheOnion: Man Hoping Girlfriend Doesn't Notice Valentine’s Day Gift Came From Gas Station…
reminder that nobody is paying you to be sad boi hours on valentines day... unless they are in which case damn thats depressing lmao
RT @Tesla: Introducing Dog Mode: set a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don't need to worry…
i think @AJRBrothers likes to hide subliminal messages in how long their songs are... "no grass today" is just shy of 420, "three thirty" is literally 3:30, & "let the games begin" is a 3..2..1.. countdown. lmk if there are more i missed lmao
RT @RiversCuomo: collab with Post Malone dropping soon
problem sleuth prob has more replay value than homestuck
300 y'all. imma b the snazziest, don't @ me
RT @unusualImagery:
disappointed to find out a pop socket has nothing to do with pop filters
@teraflonk ikr; i just cant help my pedantic american self :P
@teraflonk *realize
@teraflonk i seen your face, i dont need to compensate you with 10 sub sandwiches.
RT @it_meirl_bot: Me_irl
RT @adultswim: We promise to never accept your mom’s friend request
have not gone this direction at all lmao
RT @All_Over_RS: @RiversCuomo why are ur tweets like that?
thinking about writing an album (10 songs) in which the spotify & bandcamp versions are ever so slightly different from one another to the point where it justifies a listen to each.
RT @RiversCuomo: Weezer (The Fortnite Album)
lofty ambitions/concepts in album planning are a fun way to push myself, but i'm content saying that what actually makes it to the LPs is the stuff i had the most fun with making and listening back to.
i am part of the furniture
RT @dog_feelings: the human has a new fren coming over tonight. and i’ve prepared. a simple entrance survey for them

6. do you like me
RT @adultswim: Is this for here or to go?
i prefer the comma emoji personally.
just realized that the ppl who were 20 when i was born are more or less nearing 40 and that makes me sad bcoz most of them probably havent aged well
@sportsandbutter the world has turned and left me here
RT @horseysurprise: if you think the government runs efficeintly, you've never tried to order a sandwich at the dmv
give your distro some hot cocoa if it b frozen
RT @teraflonk: @git_funky yassss markkkkk
zone out to disco like it's nobody's business
@teraflonk @Windows @Microsoft idk, i'm considering shipping it to system76 to see if they can do anything
RT @getfiscal: Do not reply to my Tweets if your I.Q. is above 119. I do not give a shit what smart people think. You ruined the planet.
@teraflonk @Windows @Microsoft i got a new cheap HP computer bcoz the USB ports on my system76 stopped working
can @maroon5 release a mix of sugar w/o the synth holding the chords on whole notes, it would make the song so much better
basically have been listening to the deluxe edition of @AJRBrothers' "the click" on repeat all weekend lol.
RT @SuperiorArtemis: >How we all felt watching the Halftime show

“You promised all these kids Sweet Victory. But all I saw out there was..…
RT @TheOnion: Sean McVay Begs Mother To Let Him Stay Up To Coach Rest Of Super Bowl
RT @it_meirl_bot: Me irl
RT @TheAt0miX: @it_meirl_bot
RT @sportsandbutter:
if the internet went away today how many of us still exist
RT @KidsWriteJokes: Q: What kind of dinosaur loves sleep?

A: All of them! They will never wake up now.
RT @PopTartsUS: I like my tarts where I like my money. Right in my fanny
i'll say i much prefer corebird to html twitter
got a new laptop for fairly cheap. not only will it work for production, but i sucessfully made it to the BIOS w/o ever booting @Windows; eat my shorts, @Microsoft!
if you don't control digital spectacle, it controls you.
RT @lukeslomboy: this girl is looking at the wikipedia page for Avocado in my sociology discussion
RT @DrChris_PhD: i had a dream my parents gifted me one of soulja boy's consoles
RT @elonmusk: If heat death will be inevitable end of Universe, it actually *is* all about journey 🤔
blue masquerade is an inadvertent concept album about technology & vices, following the story of a man wary of their dangers, but ultimately and inevitably consumed by them.
fyi i just did, but feel free to vote on it anyways
should i update my website w/ the bm spotify link?
update: nevermind, it's almost certainly my laptop that isn't working, which is a huge bummer bcoz now i basically can't do any recording unless i get this thing fixed or replaced, and i can't really afford to do either
update: i think i can confirm that it's a software issue, probably cause by Arch Linux's typical instability. trouble is that my flashdrive is definitely dead, so i gotta make a partition on my external hard drive to install something different
was gonna record a new tune, but my laptop decided that usb devices are overrated & my interface doesn't show up. not sure if it's a hardware or software issue lmao
just for the record, i'm testing the waters to see if tweeting that hashtag will actually get me banned lmao
#LearnToCode @CNN
RT @DrChris_PhD: @git_funky i'd consider actually attempting the art of speedrunning if fortnite was supported on blackberry
i'd consider actually attempting the art of speedrunning if livesplit was supported on linux, if i was any good at the games i want to run, or if i had much ambition to play videogames in the first place
RT @teraflonk: time to go outside?
RT @KidsWriteJokes: what do you get when you cross a dinosare with a cat

that would never happen.
RT @adultswim: “To have the entire world at your fingertips, is to experience none of it.”
- Sent from our iPhone.
RT @kanyewest:
RT @elonmusk: SpaceX documentary actual footage
i eat my soup with atleast one cracker(?)
use your shoulders
@sportsandbutter i use linux
nonsense is the only way to have fun on twitter actually.
someone fill me in on "rose garden" thing; is the donald planting flowers now?
THE PEN IS BLUE #SellSomethingPoorly
#KeepYourFriendsCloseAndYour enemies in your basement
we up all night to the sun, im up all night to git funky
google is running the world :'( #YouTubeIn5Words
@teraflonk could you demonstrate what soyface looks like lmao
somebody help me, im in the midst of listening to the entire vulfpeck discography + fearless flyers
sometimes you need a little crazy to keep the sane in check
brb, gonna get my epipen #NationalPeanutButterDay
#TheFirstLineOfMyAutobiography for the last time, i am not your lord and savior.
RT @KidsWriteJokes: a boys name is shut up. his teacher asked him his name and he said “shut up”

can confirm having listened to teal in its entirety that it's just as un-inventive throughout. there's a novelty in seeing what weezer can do with these songs, but no replay value to it when compared to the originals.
new weezer album: "i can play 80s pop songs a semitone up or down from their original key"

it's a decent listen thus far, but it's nothing special. there are those who reinvent a song & those who do a carbon-copy cover, and weezer have gone down the latter route.
ok last one for today i promise
dear political twitter,

if you are being inflammatory and/or aren't actively advocating for the recreational legalization of weed, i sincerely dont care.

signed, this guy.
RT @ohmydaays: #ImGrumpyBecause nobody believes i am 21.
plot twist: i am each and every one #themaskedsinger
#BeatTheColdBy staying indoors; dont @ me
#DonaldTrumpsTheTypeOfGuy who would be Donald Trump.
long term, i already know what m!s3 is gonna b called, but i keep changing which tunes i wanna flesh out for it as well as how many different genres it will incorporate. but i intend to take it slower bcoz i dont necessarily want that looming pressure at full force just yet
that being said, i do have stuff in the works for the short term: an ep on the xpaint bandcamp, fawm, a top-secret cover song featuring a top-secret kool kat, & maybe a split ep w/ wolf circus. idk if im clear to disclose that last one lol
so i expect 2019 is gonna b a bit slower in terms of musical output for me. kinda riding a burnout ever since i finally finished/released blue masquerade, but i think i deserve a break bcoz it was the 2nd consecutive pet project if we include the s/t.
#IWishSchoolHadTaughtMe how to teach myself
now publicly challenging @slackerdook to partake in february album writing month:

also @DiyathYavin still should too

and @RiversCuomo, but he saw my snap
RT @DrChris_PhD: this is my 1000th tweet. pee pee
reminder that the content of the character is more important than the color of the skin. #MLKDay
@teraflonk @jack lol i could give you his snap xD
maybe dont speedrun the game of life... the RNG is a little unpredictable
@teraflonk @jack he was wearing a hat shaped like the shit emoji & pounding on the wall earlier, so you tell me
so i turned tailored trends back on and...
now hiring for a rym page maintainer... will pay you in the ramen noodles i can neither afford nor eat
confirmed blue masquerade lore
when was the last time you finished a
@DrChris_PhD bogguhers... did i spell it right?
reminder that this is a masterpiece
RT @adultswim: What’s the name on your fake ID
@teraflonk almost fell several times on the ice walking back from tuesday's open mic; everyone was laughing almost the entire time :P
guess i just passed 200; even snazzier now, as the kool kats say
RT @RiversCuomo: announcing Weezer the video game tonight
deleting Twitter's app from my phone; kinda sucks now ngl.
.@git_funky @RiversCuomo - found a bunch of lyrics sitting on my harddrive last night that i dont remember writing but are kindof interesting... not album-ready by any stretch, but i think me and @billiejoearmstrong should hang out and make dad songs
.@git_funky @RiversCuomo - When I die who would you trust to work on my unfinished tracks w/ no latency
RT @git_funky: i am an advocate of consensual funk and soft pretzels
maybe you don't need to share everything with the world
RT @teraflonk: #My1stConcertWas probably @git_funky with a guitar on a skype call
this is a public request for @DiyathYavin to participate in this year.

i still want to know what the album art depicts.
yelled at someone from a window today
funk is a solid umbrella medium for rock fans to explore hip hop & vice versa
RT @git_funky: i still wanna know...

what does the album art depict?
a ten part guide on how to unfold paper
RT @RiversCuomo: i might name my dog brian bell's eyebrows
RT @RiversCuomo: Am I rivers cuomo yet?
y'all. today is the day.

... happy new year btw
RT @sportsandbutter: if you pass out behind airport security then that becomes your new spawn point and you will reappear there after you d…
solus linux is great & all, but it felt right to make the switch back to arch; with blue masquerade coming in just over a day & my sights set on making my 2020 release, a new workspace grooves with the new headspace.
Are QR codes popular with the hip kids yet, and if not, why not?
RT @Shen_the_Bird: me: i wish youtube would still play when i switch apps

youtube: would you like to pay money for that

me: no

youtube p…
my new year resolution will be to focus my recorded output on collaborative stuff whilst refining my jazz/funk arrangement skillz behind the scenes
RT @RiversCuomo: finally starting to feel like a strong independent woman again
RT @sportsandbutter: some of my tweets aren't canon but I'm legally barred from telling you which ones
RT @RiversCuomo: so what are we gonna do when weezer runs out of colors to make their albums?
RT @pixelatedboat: We all should’ve seen this coming
RT @rebrafsim: wtf — what the fuck
ftw — fuck the world/for the win
tfw — that feeling when
wft — who fried this
fwt — fried what though
@llegrarosenberg you mean... constantly *streamed* about it. xD
// N E W S I N G L E //
as a creative using linux for music production, i find linux publications, youtube channels, and podcasts to be irrelevant. not that they dont serve a purpose, but that there's not a whole lot of content aimed towards ppl going on 3+ years with the platform.
pardon my french, but what's poppin?
RT @sportsandbutter: forums are dead but social media is gross and absolutely awful for building communities. the internet is cancelled now.
ngl, i like this remix better than the original; quartertone tuning is lit yall
Imma back on the market for obscure tweets as a vendor once again. If you can't harmonize to it, it's not worth saying.
courtesy of @ExclusiveCo
there's only one more track to record for blue masquerade, and i'll prob start the pre-order in early december
hulagans is on spotify now btw
gonna delete twitter in a phat minute probably; not exactly useful and im not getting anything out of browsing le feed
Twitter would you please stop notifying me when people I follow start following famous people.
@teraflonk why Brazil lol
hawaiian shirt w/ eccentric camera filter

use your shoulders
RT @ejrman1: @corywong
RT @myhoneypeaches: if you aren’t someone the church would’ve killed 400 years ago are you even living?
i got bored, ok?
RT @RiversCuomo: I firmly believe that everyone should own a copy of Pinkerton by weezer
spruced up the ol' website to look a little more professional
"Hulagans" album now available for preorder --- releases on 24th November 2018
@sportsandbutter oh yea, happy birthday
my jam rn
@sportsandbutter @JakobDWebster damnit im 5'10" lol
RT @RiversCuomo: why are the sweater song and africa music videos so similar
RT @SallyMayweather:
RT @ThaddeusRussell: Government subsidies received:

Amazon: $1 billion, with another $2.5 billion on the way from NYC and VA
Tesla: $3.5 b…
blue masquerade comes new years day, but bfore then...
The Beach Boys - Masters Of Harmony
the john coltrane of maximalist funk #NowPlaying
could you b quiet for a phat second
RT @realjohngatto: we need to realize that the institution “schools” very well,

but it does not “educate”;

that’s inherent in the desig…
you could buy time or invest in things to do with it
guys, i have to walk to classes in the snow today
vulf just brought reggae to the modern funk era
insert "compile the cake yourself" joke here

srsly tho: great vendor; do support.
in other news, the rhythm section is all you need
good job wiscodisco
creepy as shit btw
RT @BoJackHorseman: hypotehtical question if your i voted sticker falls off before u can take a picture and the election person wont give y…
ok im done trolling the election hashtags now
toppers asking the real questions y'all #ElectionDay
.@Microsoft @Windows is turning the frogs gay. #ElectionDay #MidtermElections2018
@BrianZambotti @justcallmebobo @OnBothFeet @jimmykimmel idk, red's kindof a cool color
@Newsweek this guy's face is a meme, i mean just look at that picture
@xX144Xx props to this guy for stirring the pot; reading the outraged replies to this is hilarious.
*referendum; excuse my rusty latin
seriously tho, winnebago county and my hometown are both not voting on an advisory referenda to support the legalization of marijuana, so what's even the point lmao
RT @RubinReport: Election Day Twitter.
holy fuck twitter, dial it back
It's Been A Phat Minute Since I Distrohopped @SolusProject
@teraflonk not a whole lot if you're you 😉
for which i am getting a jump on writing
they say the 45s are where it's at, but i still believe in the power of the LP #NowPlaying
what happened to the days when you could actually find a song via searching its lyrics
i dont care about politics beyond what i can express in my music
reminder to keep your arms, legs, and lofty ambitions inside the ride at all times
RT @kanyewest:
RT @adultswim: Show us your pumpkins.
raise 3 hands if you give a fuck
you don't need three trends for the same holiday

#HappyHalloween #Halloween2018 #trickortreat

do as i say, not as i do
RT @llegrarosenberg: vulfpeck good band
reminder y'all #NationalCandyCornDay
funk sandwiches for the whole neighborhood #NowPlaying
me too honestly
100 tweets in and im still a snazzy individual
reddit u funny
RT @adultswim: We grant you perpetual worldwide rights to use this in any way you choose.
i am very confused
and an additional $120 for the online access code
my friend @Probehaed put out a pretty solid debut album this morning. i happened to have co-written the 6th and 8th tracks, but the whole LP is good
i am an advocate of consensual funk and soft pretzels
Can somebody tell the man in the back of the room to be quiet please?
nobody does laundry at 8:30 in the morning; it's perfect
what if @GiIvaSunner made a mashup of the dk rap and vulfpeck's sky mall
pineapple funk #TheresNoBetterTherapyThan
definitely the best stevie wonder songs. change my mind. #NowPlaying
RT @sportsandbutter: I must remember who I am!
RT @elonmusk: How’d they know!?
// R I C H A R D T E E //
shouldnt you b making something
@sportsandbutter no u have a day
buffalo chicken is a grammatically correct sentence?
whaddaya say; wanna collab? @RiversCuomo
btw, my latest album is on youtube now incase anyone wants to stream the tracks w/ no latency
// N E W A L B U M //
curdosy of @DrChris_PhD
i like really tight big band and really enjoyed seeing some jazz live tonight, but i think tonight made me realize that the rhythm-section heavy funk is more my style. one hell of a show tho, uwo jazz ensemble kicked some major ass.
RT @Bootleg_Stuff:
RT @RiversCuomo: I hope shawn mendes likes my shirt tonight
guys, canada is legal now
what's cooler than being cool?
-start w/ the bassline
-do some rhythmic stuff (drums, guit, clav, wurli, etc)
-trim the fat (keep it to the groovy fundamentals)
-write a melody mostly/entirely in the pentatonic
-enjoy yer funk sandwich

support your local video hosts bcoz centralization can fail us all. :)
whoa, @elementary had a new release!

did not see this coming!

seriously, even tho i dont presently use their system (but i might give it a run again now), i love their design philosophy & would recommend to anyone looking for a solid linux experience.
@teraflonk dood, exams suck, imma right there w/ you.

"everything sucks" thats a mood

but srsly hope u feel better
@teraflonk aww, how come?
let's do business oshkosh
unrelated, but my california-based 60-pop connoisseur friend just did a full band live set that kicks ass: @Probehaed
giving a listen 2 this local appleton band's album rn; quite the interesting collection of sawngs:
jack stratton on the piano in this vid
groovy. can i play a set?
i still wanna know...

what does the album art depict?
im loosely aware of the talk of microsoft open sourcing something(s)? that can be cool i guess but it literally doesnt serve me to give a shit bcoz microsoft is not in my repertoire of necessary software for some time
RT @RiversCuomo: Someday my kids will get social media and all they'll hear about is how their father was a memelord.
"you spoil us conroy" -jerry smith; @RickandMorty
cool kids represent... more tunes to come...
it groovy
OPEN MARK NIGHT /// 4th September 2018 - New Moon Cafe: via @YouTube
new poem (by me):

being sick
sucks dick

thank you, imma b here all weekend
im unpopular bcoz im not controvaersial & thats ok
been getting the urge to listen to some katzman again
y'said yer just like mike... love but you wanna b brian wilson
i should take more cues from stuff on how to write drums; simple but funky
RT @itsfoss2: Being realistic 😔
waz dat; like a combination between harry potter and stevie wonder? bcoz the wizarding world needed some more soul.
@teraflonk aww, u too kind fam <3
@teraflonk that's ok tho, it looks epic then
2night fam
like i enjoy consuming media & dont necessarily want to discourage it, but it occured 2 me that i give a bit too much credence to a sort of ideal level of work ethic that i dont even hold myself to.

idk, it's interesting 2 think about; food 4 thought i suppose
got into a real interesting conversation concerning the consumption of media vs the creative production thereof; i spend an amount of time lamenting my own procrastination, in which i partake in being an audience member for other creatives, & i myself want an audience 4 my tunes.
RT @llegrarosenberg: extreeeeeeeeeme
RT @RiversCuomo: Everyone is telling me I SHOULD get the weezer tattoo but that it shouldn't be a trampstamp... why is everyone so unaccept…
and zero people gave a fuck on that night
dr. stick cricket and the forest crew are picking out a thing to represent themselves i think
back when ppl used to hand-wash clothing, you didnt have to wait for a washer to b open; you just got some water & hopped to it
unrelated, but if you start looking at the metadata for my latest soundclouds, you will notice album names for projects that do not exist; will start documenting these properly soon
i got the crazy idea of sleeping whilst listening to a binural beats meditation mix. studies show that testimonials are probably bullshit.
@teraflonk i'll b sticking w/ solus as opposed to debian bcoz debian will not install on my hardware :P
RT @RiversCuomo: Do you like piano as much as guitar?
dude i havent been on arch linux for over a month; i needed something a more stable & just as fresh, and solus does the job pretty well.
@teraflonk what's arch linux anyways; @SolusProject is where its at dawg!
you asked for it
hello world
cool video curdosy of the vulfreddit discord group
@RiversCuomo music, and lots of it
i love this song too much lmao #NowPlaying
RT @RiversCuomo: Why do I always look like I'm going through an existential crisis
how the phuck do u fit this in your pocket
found a bunch of lyrics sitting on my harddrive last night that i dont remember writing but are kindof interesting... not album-ready by any stretch, but i think it'd b kinda cool to share some of it
me too honestly
just fyi im not actually gonna post 90% of my inktober stuff; just want to commit to drawing something once a day
might actually do this bcoz why not
sole proprietorship begins 2DAY: buy last year's s/t for as little as you want!
back in action baby
also, it gets funkier just got funkier
joe. dart. on the FEN. DER. BASS!
mood: beatmaker, risktaker
yeet #NowPlaying
yall i can hardly fuckin see what ppl are tweeting; it's all a bunch of "___ liked this" and "promoted by fox".
my fuckin jam rn #NowPlaying
RT @teraflonk: I can't believe i love living in a richard stallman shirt… i've been saying this repeatedly for photo!
im in a shins mood i guess #NowPlaying
.@Probehaed stop the beans plz
RT @teraflonk: @git_funky who the heck
now the phone users can keep track of my public projects if they dont feel like the whole face to face thing