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21. i had a dream in which i attended a compulsory high school reunion...

and lead the revolt that caused everyone to walk out

20. one of the songs on cyclist's guide

has a secret reference to an unreleased track

19. switch my primary browser to palemoon w/ the nmatrix plugin

coz firefox w/ adnauseum is too sloooooooooooow

18. no use getting angry

when you can solve the problem in a fulfilling way

17. make friends with people who have different music tastes than you,

coz y'might just learn something

16. i unironically use gdq speedruns to put me to sleep

something about listening to couch commentary is like counting sheep, i swears it!

15. conceptualize a music video for your song,

and create the sonic landscape around that image

14. our generation has more tools than ever to achieve peace and enlightenment,

but twice as many things that get in the way

13. let me ask you a question

and answer it before you even get the chance

12. psychadelic barbershop

any questions?

11. 4:3 aspect ratio is coming back

you owe me five bucks if you disagree

10. do you ever think about how the world would be...

...if every state left the union to become their own countries? it's an interesting idea, but i think that all sorts of hell would break loose.

9. i could see a universe where bootleg merch is the norm...

and official merch is obscene

8. oh my oh my god, the entertainment's here!

prolly my new fav from ajr's neotheater album. fite me.

7. the new mac demarco album is great

do listen if you're a cowboy or even if you're not

6. gonna watch the vulf redrocks livestream...

...and b disappointed that i cant see it in person lol

5. Automation With Bash Scripting

if you're reading this, it means i successfully wrote code that takes the tedium out of maintaining this blog lmao

4. Mac Demarco Puts Out A New Album Tomorrow

and i've been avoiding the singles bcoz NO SPOILERS!

3. (Are You) Chill Or Not Chill?

that is the question

2. Did Firefox Get Rid Of Its Default RSS Widget?

stop trying to deprecate the format plz ok thx

1. Who Are We, And What Do We Become?

if social media is an art, then we've been doing it wrong. find a picture of a bird if you wanna cheer up

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